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Do you offer professional printing services?

Yes! You (and friends and family) have the option to have your pictures professionally printed, directly from your gallery. Simply order which pictures you want to print, the sizes / formats, and your best pictures will be professionally printed and shipped to you. Just like the difference snapWOW makes, a professional printer makes a huge [...]


How are the final pictures delivered to me?

Your completed edits will be delivered to you in a beautiful online gallery, which you will be proud to share with friends and family.Both the before and after pictures will be in the gallery, so you can see side by side the dramatic improvements that have been made. As a valued customer, you'll have your [...]


What if I don’t like the edits that were done?

Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. That's how confident we are that you will love your pictures. Although it is very rare, if you're not fully satisfied with your edited pictures, you may indicate specifically how you'd like them re-edited and we'll take care of it free of charge, as long as the expectations are reasonable [...]


How long will it take to receive my edited images?

The time required to complete your photo editing depends on how many edits you've ordered and the level of editing being applied. For example Premium edits take much more time than Pro pics. Also, we don't farm out your photo editing to multiple editors. Your pictures are handled by a single editor, so that we [...]


Why should I use snapWOW when I can edit my own pictures?

People use snapWOW for their favorite pictures. Simple editing tools are convenient and great to use for your day-to-day pictures, but just can't match the skill of an expert photo editing artist. Our artists use state of the art desktop editing software, and are trained in the art of transforming your pics into shots that [...]


Are smartphone pictures good for snapWOW enhancement?

Absolutely! Many smartphones today easily have the technical specs capable of taking beautiful pictures. Sometimes though, smartphones can be difficult to use as a camera, even with all the software features, and you end up with decent-but-not-great pictures. That's where snapWOW comes in! We do have minimum recommendations, but most smartphones meet those and are [...]