Why Photo Editing is Critical for Unlocking Your Best Memories


Despite the daily routine, schedules and busy-ness, most of us can agree that life is really about the moments. A full life isn’t a list of checked to-dos but a series of cherished moments with our family, our friends, and the beautiful world that surrounds us.

We capture these moments with our camera. Whether taken with a professional camera, a point and shoot, or a mobile phone, pictures are reminders of our best memories and favorite people, the experiences we want to remember with crystal clarity.


Unfortunately, what our eyes see in the moment is not usually what the camera captures. A camera is just a tool, and it’s not always accurate (even for the pros). Being mechanical devices, it’s actually very difficult for a camera to be able to capture what your eyes see.

For example, when you’re watching a sporting event – let’s say a children’s soccer game – you hardly notice what’s happening on the other side of the field. You’re too busy watching the action! But in most people’s pictures, the camera ends up capturing everything in equal focus, even though usually only the subject of that picture is interesting to us.

Geek photography tip:
Aperture is the setting photographers use to control how much of the picture is recorded in focus.

Another example… imagine your family standing on the beach with a gorgeous sunset behind them – the warm colors, soft pinks, bright oranges and stunning reds. Observing that scene in person, your eyes would see everything clearly – your family and the sunset in all its glory. But the camera can’t capture such a complex scene nearly as well as your eyes. No matter what your settings, your picture will either show the beautiful sunset with only silhouettes of your family, or it will have your family in focus and the sky behind them will be over exposed.

Geek photography tip:
Exposure describes the amount of light the camera allows in to capture the image. When exposure is too high for an area of an image, it will look “washed out” or be much too bright.


Photo editing, otherwise known as retouching or post processing, basically describes any alteration or enhancement to an image after it is taken. These modifications are made using specially designed computer programs or mobile apps – and yes, there’s a huge difference between the two.

Photo editing is simply the process of transforming what the camera “saw” into what you saw. Great photo editing is the process of recreating the feeling you experienced in that moment.

You want your pictures to represent the emotion of your favorite life moments. You may not realize this, but right now you have dozens or even hundreds of dazzling hidden gems in your computer files that simply need a bit of attention from a great photo editing artist.

You’d be shocked at the treasure that’s just sitting on your hard drive when it should be up on your wall!

  • Before-Tap or slide to see before and after
    After-Tap or slide to see before and after
    BeforeTap or slide to see before and afterAfter

Notice the much better color and white balance, the removal of background distractions, and the blurring of the background to bring focus to the subject.


Do you think you’re getting the most from the pictures you take? What moments would you like to have better pictures of?